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02. Estate Planning

Estate Planning


It is important to plan for your future. If not for you, consider your family. Whether it is deciding what will happen to your things when you are no longer here, or who gets to make decisions should you become incapacitated you should get your affairs in order. We can assist you with personal estate planning services:

• Last Will and Testament
• Trusts
• Health care power of attorney
• Financial power of attorney
• Advance Directives

Frequently Asked Questions

Estate Planning

Why do I need a will?

You need a will to ensure that your voice is heard in distributing your property. Having a will makes it easier for your loved ones to peacefully carry out your wishes. A will can also name guardians for your children. Everyone should have a will whether they have a lot or a little bit.

Why is it important to have Power of Attorney documents?

In the event that you become incapacitated and cannot make decisions for yourself, it is important to have someone you know named to make financial and/or healthcare decisions for you. This will allow your bills to continue to be paid, your property and investments maintained and your important health care decisions to be made. Failure to have something in place will cause your loved ones to have to petition the court for the rights to make these decisions for you.

Do I need an Advance Directive (Living Will)?

Some have strong feelings about artificial nutrition and hydration should they become in need of these living saving measures. If you are that person, then you will want a Living Will which states under those circumstances what a doctor may do if you are incapacitated and cannot make those decisions. These are used for the most extreme health care situations.